If you need to buy a computer to start working from home then read this!

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If you need to buy a computer to start working from home then read this.


Buying your computer from appliance centers on installment usually leaves you with a hefty interest rate for PC packages that are relatively obsolete.

For example...They will sell you a 4th or 5th gen intel cpu with 4gb ddr3 Memory, 500gb hard drive pc packages for 20,000php cash.

If you are buying that on credit at 2-year installment term it can reach to as much as 38,000php total price. That's a whooping 18,000php interest alone. To make things worse, this type of PC is outdated. As reference, Intel just released their 10th gen cpu lineup. 4th gen cpus were released in 2013.

If you are planning to use this type of computer for work, you are going to have a hard time. It is a very slow PC. It will work for browsing, yes. But for other operations, it will lag so bad you will soon realize you just wasted a lot of money.

If you need to buy a computer to start working from home then read this!

A more practical approach is to buy with cash, and when possible, hire a technician for advice or someone you know that is familiar with building a pc.

IF you don't have the cash, get a loan from somewhere else that offer minimal interest rate and buy your pc with cash from your loan. You're better off that way.


A good working and updated (not outdated) computer will cost around 15,000php to 18,000php. Below is my recommended practical computer specs:

AMD Ryzen3 2200G CPU (or Intel core i3 8th/9th gen) A320 motherboard (or H310 Mobo if you go for Intel cpu) 8GB DDR4 2,400Mhz RAM 1TB Hard Drive Generic ATX Case with built-in power supply 18.5" 720p LED monitor Keyboard and Mouse

This the MINIMUM requirement for most computer operations for study and work. There are faster PC specs out there for heavier workload but it comes at a price.

AMD Ryzen3 2200G and Intel core i3 are both CPUs that have built-in graphics memory. You don't need a separate or dedicated graphics card to run your computer which translates to more savings on your part.

8GB is the minimum requirement for RAM or computer memory as web browsers right now, especially Google Chrome tend to eat up a lot of computer memory. Personally, my computer runs on 16GB 3,200Mhz memory.

You don't need RGBs or any form of "disco" lighting for your Case, keyboard or mouse. They don't serve a purpose other than as a distraction. Some PC stores highlight this feature on their packages to make them look "high-tech". Don't be fooled.

Also, avoid buying pre-assembled complete pc packages as they tend to have parts that you don't really need nowadays and make you pay extra for them like CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. Everything can be installed online, through a portable drive or a usb. Just buy the parts individually as you build your PC.

The computer specs above can be used for light to medium operations i.e Web based applications like Canva, Hootsuite, etc., and tools like photoshop, adobe premier and filmora. These are some of the apps used by Virtual Assistants or Freelancers at work. Basically, you can use this pc for work.

AMD Ryzen3 2200G APU/CPU can also be used for light gaming (Dota 2, CS:GO) if you are into that hobby. Intel core i3s are not as powerful when it comes to integrated graphics. You need a dedicated graphics card if you want to use it for gaming.

For students, this is actually an "overkill" as what they will do is just pure browsing using DepEd's common website. HOWEVER, your pc will be future proofed. Meaning, you can use your computer for up to 5-7 years from now without the need for a new pc upgrade.

If you plan to buy a laptop instead, chances are you will pay twice the price for similar performance of the pc set I've mentioned above. Laptops are expensive because you are paying for its mobility that allows you to carry it with you anywhere you go. Nothing wrong with that. If you have the budget then go for a laptop. If you want a more affordable and cost effective solution then keep reading.


If you are from NCR, the best places to buy computers are at Dynaquest PC, PC Gilmore, PCX, PCWorx. You can contact them and ask for quotations for PC parts through their facebook pages.Alternatively, you can buy all the parts from Lazada.

If you're from Mindanao, you just have to take into account some logistic challenges due to COVID-19 as some regions are still in GCQ. Items from Lazada may arrive from as soon as 1 week to as long as 2 months from the time you order them.


I am not paid by the computer stores I have mentioned in this post.

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Planning to upgrade kaya thank you sa tips, lalo na sa mga specs, nakatulong talaga sya lalo na sa mga tulad ko na hindi naman marunong sa mga ganyan ❤️

Thanks. Big help

For me so far, im using AMD A10 processor, 8GB DDR3 Ram, 256SSD, 2TB and 500GB HDD and a Generic Mobo for gaming and I am still satisfied for those. By the way my PC is almost 2 years now 😅 and maybe soon Ill do an upgrade for a change.

This is exactly my build when i started wfh.. after few months, I already upgraded it to mid end unit.

Thank you for such a HUGE give here! Will def make a note of this 💯

Wow thanks that's a big help ☺☺☺

Thanks for the tips. Kasi im planning to buy one. Kasi im shifting jobs

Or you can actually buy used Dell Optiplex or HP Elite/Prodesk for even half the price :)

I don't really have an idea about computer specs. Thanks for the tips.

I would suggest build na lng na pc, research for components that will suite your budget and needs. Basta do your research para mas okay

Practically speaking and wise decision, I totally agree.. Same insights as mine..😊

I agree with Marlon on Ryzen models. If anyone prefers a laptop. Lenovo has a Ryzen 5 (equivalent to intel corei5 8th gen), 8gb ram, Ssd harddisk with built in Video card for about 26k.

What is the AMD equivalent of Intel i5 9th gen? Sorry bano kasi ako in terms of model name ng AMD.

depends on the i5 variant. Lower end i5 is 9400 while higher end which is more expensive is i5 9600k. Regardless, AMD's equivalent is Ryzen 5 2600 which is actually on sale right now in a lot of places. @Aaron