ICBgroup is hiring front-end / php / ios / java developers

Dec 24 '20 qkertzmann 992 clicks job

ICBgroup, Intechworld company is still recruiting company positions
Salary up to 150k PHP (negotiate)πŸ’Έ πŸ“ŒPlease make sure your qualification match our requirement. πŸ“Œ Front-end deverlopers πŸ“Œ PHP Developer πŸ“Œ iOs developer πŸ“Œ JAVA developer (Must have bechor's dreegree / master's degree , Have 2++ years experience in that position.)

πŸ”₯10 hours a day with 1 hour break πŸ”₯ 7 day off per month. πŸ”₯ During the probationary period, the probationary salary is 80% of the official salary, which can be shortened if there is good performance at the probation πŸ”₯ Salary will be paid before the 18th of each month. The salary will be paid in USD and will not be changed according to the exchange rate. location : makati

Thank you!