I was scammed by an employer on Onlinejobs.ph

Mar 02 '20 Aeram 9538 clicks review

Hello guys!

I just wanna know if onlinejobs.ph do solve issues like "scammers". I've been scammed by an employer. It was my first time to get a job from there. I was not paid after a week.

I wasn't really aware that scammers are already on that job posting site.

The guy who hired me really deceived me. They have proper on boarding etc.

He threatened me and accused me of so many things - ALL ARE LIES.

I was asking for his proof to his accusations, he couldn't provide anything. Now we are communicating via email with onlinejobs.ph customer support in the thread. He's a compulsive liar and just keeps on sending wrong information and fabricating evidences.

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Name and possible is ung compajy involved.

Please share the name so that others may be warned.

Report for their post to be taken out.

The name of the client is Roman Bogachev. He's a Russian po.