I almost always fail in video interviews because I'm not lively, any tips?

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I've been a freelancer for a long time but I almost always fail in video interviews because I'm not lively.. Do you have any tips?

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Practice makes perfect. You don't necessarily have to be "lively" to ace an interview. You could still be calm and composed and still get the job. What matters more is your personality shining through. One easy way to practice is to do this is by looking yourself at the mirror or recording yourself on your laptop. This allows you to see your mannerisms, tone of voice and facial expressions.

Tips to remember for your next interview.

  1. Look presentable. Wear a nice top, groom yourself and wear some makeup.
  2. Make sure your environment is set for the interview. Consider lighting and background noise.
  3. Check all tech aspects such as webcam, microphone and headset, meeting link, etc.
  4. Research. Even if this is an interview, you should know something about your client. What they do, what they offer, etc.
  5. Be confident of yourself. Know what you want to share about yourself, your skills, your experience. An interview is your salespitch and time to shine.
  6. Have a photo up. This could be of something/someone that makes you smile instantly. Why? Seeing this even at the side of your eye will give you a boost with your mood at that moment.

Develop a script on common interview questions. Practice in front of the mirror or try recording yourself. Lively is not your goal - you need to look and sound authentic.

Not being lively or enthusiastic makes you sound like you're nervous or worse you don't know anything about the company or not interested. Make a background check about the company before the interview, what they do what their main goals and objectives are. From there you can formulate a script on what answers you should say when asked specific questions about the company and relat what you can offer to them as a freelancer. Its about being confident with your delivery and proper enunciation of words so you wouldn't sound monotone. Confidence is key bc if you're not confident with what you're saying it will definitely show on your face and voice. Good luck 😊💗

Try to record yourself tapos watch it, tapos take notes of things you can improve if yoi were the interviewer or if in the past they've given you feedback, use that to know if it's something you can work on.

The way I conduct interviews is I assume I am talking to an old friend. Small smiles, increase in volume sa voice, pauses when you are talking in appropriate moments. Good luck!!

If you can't be lively. Then try asking relevant questions na lang. This will show your expertise and could be a good indicator if you are fit for the job.

Pratice po kayo sa harap ng mirror, but before that, hanap po kayo ng celebrity presentor, or TV host na gustong gusto nyong gayahin. In my case I like Sandra Gatham of Aljazeera news network and Craig Fergusson of CBS. Then you can start by reading something aloud and see your facial gestures. In time kaka pratice nyo you get comfortable with public speaking.

With regards to interview answers naman, know your audience, learn what they like to hear ahead of time and plan how you will fit your answers to their liking. As a freelancer, focus more on the idea that you are providing solutions to people's issue instead on the plain idea of selling.

If its a job interview, research ka muna about the company, about the role you are applying for and highlight on your achievements, be very clear with how you've overcome challenges, be honest on those things you have failed but learned from, and how you plan or even corrected those. And be clear with your objective as well and how you can be an asset to their company.

When you are sharing challenges you have faced or encountered, focus on saying "we" cause it takes away the burden and blame on you. When highlighting achievements focus on "I" you need to be a bit boastful of what you've contributed for the former company you're leaving. Remember: you are selling yourself as a service provider or solution specialist.

I hope this helps.

I don't think that's the reason why you're not getting hired, thou, it could be a factor but I'm sure there's more to that Every time you fail. Assess yourself then upgrade your skills and make yourself relevant 😉

Isipin mo lang po kada interview, it's another chance to meet a friend (in a potential client persona). Maka close ka man or hindi ng project sa kanya, it's always an opportunity and a great experience to be invited sa isang interview. Over-time ma-mamaster mo din yan and mai-improve kada interview. Makaka tagpo mo din si perfect client na swak sa character mo. Just keep trying and keep learning. Rooting for you! 🙌🙌🙌

Clients want to see/hear that you are excited to be a part of their team. I encountered one candidate na ok naman sa qualifications but during the panel interview sa kanya, ang sabi ni client nakakaantok daw kausap and parang tamad na tamad. So hindi sya tinanggap. Try practicing in front of the mirror, watch samples sa youtube.

Just be yourself and pretend you have nothing to lose. Remember: People can smell desperation a kilometer away.

Before your interview, mag words of appreciation ka sa sarili mo like, "maganda ko", "magaling ako", "akin tong position na to", "above ako sayo (kahit hindi talaga, para lang maboost ang confidence mo na sa kanila ang talo kapag pinakawalan ka pa). 'Yon lang akin. Claim it na sa'yo na siya kasi maririnig 'yan sa paraan mo nang pagsasalita.