Can I ask few questions for applying tourist visa for US as a freelancer?

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Hello, can I ask few questions for applying tourist visa for US as a freelancer?

  1. Do we need to show a proof for ITR?
  2. How did you answer for the question regarding your employment? Is there any chance you will be approved if they will know that your client is from US or might be a hindrance at isipin di ka na babalik ng Pinas?
  3. How will be the process for applying US tourist visa if family kayo pupunta including your son/daughter?
  4. Any other tips, please?
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Submit your application online if not alone, submit a group application then pay for the fee. Create your profile online where you will get yung details on how to pay for the fee. Once paid na yung application fee only then you will be able to schedule your interview if meron available slot. Once you secure your schedule prepare your docs in case hanapin. During the interview, be confident, honest and you should show strong ties sa address country as assurance na uuwi ka. Need to disclose din yung purpose and who will fund your travel. Based on experience, hndi nmn nanghihingi ng docs during interview pero depende padin yun sa officer na maassign yung number mo.

I was denied before for reason that I am unmarried. You have to establish that you won't stay there for good, no need for property or bank account. What you need to establish is a strong reason to go back in the PH, like marriage and children (for woman), stable income. Plus factor when you have traveled to another country.

Right now, US Visa applications are practically on hold because of restrictions. Mahirap mag-apply. Unless you are a Rotarian like me, we have a special appointment to apply for a US Visa in time for the Houston Convention.

Setting that aside, you don't need to show proof of income, although you need to be ready of your documents.

You need to show them a compelling reason why you will come back here in the Philippines. When applying, wear appropriate clothes. Leave your mobile phones - they will not allow it inside the embassy. You can leave sa mga tindera sa labas for a fee, and yes they can be trusted.

Nung nag apply ako they only asked me for the invite letter. Pero I came prepared woth all documents like bank acct assets doc fam photos etc. Best advise that I can give you, be honest. No right or wrong answers pagdating sa consul. But they can detect lies real well.

sa visa applications you need to establish lang talaga na you have no intentions of overstaying at uuwi/ mag eexit ka talaga after the trip...assets, bank statements, employment, etc are proofs na babalik ka talaga... it helps din if you are a seasoned traveler or if may visas/ tatak ang passport mo from other countries.