Hiring Video Editor and VO Talent! Newbies are welcome to apply!

Aug 14 '22 mayert87 1791 clicks job
Video Editor

Newbies are welcome to apply! This could be the start of your freelancing career.

Job Roles: Video Editor and VO Talent

One of my clients is looking to hire a Video Editor who could also do simple scriptwriting. He is going to start his youtube channel and would like someone to help him, niche is in Finance (stock market, investment, etc) Since it’s a start up, the pay is not as competitive as others.

It would be $20 per video and he needs 4-5 videos a week. This is for a long term arrangement and the pay can be negotiated once you had proven that you both are a good fit.

For the VO Talent, he prefers someone with an English accent or an American Accent, Female.