Hi, question lang po, need po ba na expert sa excel para maging VA? thanks.

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Hi, question lang po, need po ba na expert sa excel para maging VA? thanks.

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Not necessarily po na expert. Siguro much better yung above average na knowledge with excel. Pero like other’s opinion depende po sa task ni client sayo and normally may template or basic info naman ang client if anong gagawin mo before you start working for them so pwede mo isearch and pag-aralan ng konti po. 🙂

Depende po kung anong nirerequire mg inaapplyan ninyo..

Depende po sa task na pag gagamitan ng Excel.

Hi, depend on the VA work you are doing? if the task requires you to handle a lot of data or financial... excel skills is a must have

No, but it can help you :) You can learn it sa youtube tutorials.

Nope, basic is enough but always have an urgency to learn and develop your skills to be better.

no need... saka kahit kung wala kang excel..google sheets is free and very useful...

At least, basic Excel (esp Gsheets). Don't worry, You'll learn as you go along. Look for free Excel training online.

depends. but I usually use Gsheets para di na magsend ng magsend kay client ng file. although may limitations lng sa VBA, formulas and shortcuts 😅

it's an advantage if you know excel specially Conditional Fomatting, VBA, Macros and more...

  1. Depende po sa need ni client.
  2. Basta po fast learner ka,okay yung kay client. :)

Not necessarily, pero kapag marunong ka sa Excel mas maraming opportunities for you :) It would be a great Booster for your Profiling if you are good at it too ☺