Flex Job asked for credit card limit? Is this company legit?

Mar 26 '20 Solii 2386 clicks review

Hi po.

Does anyone knows Flex Job? I passed just this day kaya lang gulat ako kasi they are asking for my credit card limit then when I answered I do not have they are now asking for my bank credentials kaya lang pati username and password po.

Second time passed sa interview kasi pangalawang olats po ata uli.

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Anything asking for your username and password, lalo na pag banking account, is HIGHLY doubtful. Don't po!

Clearly a scam.

Grabe ano pake nila sa username and password.

Its obviously a scam.. dun pa lang asking about your credit limit, you shoulve said “thanks, bye”.

It's a scam Po. Abort mission.

Scam! NO LEGIT COMPANIES will ask for bank accounts or any financial account. If this is for payment channel, sa paypal email address lang, if bank to bank, name and account.

Obv no. Bank details like username and pword? Hell no.

Thanks guys. I didn't give my credentials and informed her that even if she knows username and password, she won't be able to transact using my details. I had a lot of message but the only response I got is "I can't?" 😅 iba din.