Anyone receiving salary via PayPal?

Jul 28 '19 Marietta 2007 clicks ask

Anyone receiving salary via paypal? How much are you charged for the service fee? And what are the usual fees they charge aside from the service fee? Thanks thanks :)

P.S - What's the best way to receive payment from the US. Thanks again.

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Paypay doesn't charge from us accounts. Ask them to send as family or friend.😄

PayPal only charge if it's business but if it's family and friends it's free but when you transfer it to your bank they usually charge 50php per transaction.

PayPal only charges 50 pesos if you withdraw below 7k.

For bank transaction yes but I will advise you to tell your clients to use family or friends option when he/she will send it to you otherwise they will charges you more than 500 php.

Thank you guys for your detailed answers.