DeepGram PH, Inc is hiring office-based and home-based transcription editor

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Work Remotely: IN-HOUSE (Office-Based) and FREELANCER (Home-based) Job Role: TRANSCRIPTION EDITOR Company: DEEPGRAM PH, INC. ( Linkedin:

Work Hours: IN-HOUSE (Office-based located in Ortigas) - 8 hour shift (full-time), 5 days a week (2 days home-based and 3 days office-based), SAT-SUN OFF FREELANCER (Home-based) - work at your own pace as long as you meet the minimum output of 1 audio hour per week

Rate: IN-HOUSE (Office based) - Php 25,000 plus incentives FREELANCER - Base rate is $16.00 USD per audio hour and increases depending on the type of audio (difficulty level), quality of work and total output. Commission Based Only? No

DeepGram PH, Inc is hiring office-based and home-based transcription editor

You will need to complete 15 audio-minutes of transcription using our evaluation tool. The type of audio you will encounter is varied, some are easy, some are challenging. In this way, the audio you will encounter reflects the wide range of audio that our transcription editors process. Description/Information: Editing machine-generated transcripts with high accuracy and quick turnaround time Researching names and terms Ensuring transcripts have correct grammar and logical sentence structure Adhering to the in-house style guide and making improvements as needed Producing a large number of high-quality transcripts in a timely manner Requirements: Average typing speed with high accuracy Excellent listening skills Excellent reading comprehension and good grasp of the English language Ability to quickly understand different topics and words using context Familiarity with English grammar and standard punctuation rules Good research skills Familiarity with a wide variety of accents is an advantage

Deepgram develops AI-powered speech recognition software to help businesses from various industries quickly transform their voice data into a more accessible text format. By using Deepgram’s custom language models, our customers gain more value out of their recorded audio, whether it’s near-perfect interview notes, distributable action items from meetings, or in-depth insights from customer service interactions.

Deepgram PH plays an important role in continuously improving and training our speech recognition products. Our Philippine office handles all our transcription and data labelling needs, providing our speech recognition AI with a constant flow of accurately labeled speech data. This allows us to easily provide our clients with custom-made speech recognition models that will give them the results that they are looking for.