CashNow Philly looking for cold callers to start ASAP!

Aug 31 '20 moen_dewitt 1734 clicks job

We are looking for Cold Callers to start ASAP! This position requires strong character. You must be able to handle every call with confidence and create opportunities for sales closers every single day.

Phone experience is required Excellent Communication Skills Good work ethics Sched: M-F 9am-5pm est (40 hours/wk) $3/hr (Bi-weekly via Paypal)

If you're interested, please send your application as soon as possible!

About the company: CashNow Philly is the fastest growing real estate investment company in this area. Our unique strategy of building people to be expert marketers, sales professional and sales leaders puts professionals like you in a place to have a career experience that is highly unique from the rest of the marketplace.

Together we are committed to creating a company of excellence, and we understand that comes from the caliber of people we hire.

Come meet with our leadership team and we’ll show you how this organization can impact your life in a way that no other company can!