Bridge System Engineer for connection between Philippine developers and IT developers in Japan

Aug 29 '20 melody01 1433 clicks job

Hello again!

We are looking for a BRIDGE SYSTEM ENGINEER who has high-level Japanese skills (this will be determined during interview) to be the connection between Philippine developers and IT developers in Japan. We offer a minimum of 3000 USD per month starting pay (you may negotiate for a higher compensation if you are really good).


■Company Overview

Cosme De Net Group, a subsidiary of Shuei Trading, believes that the pursuit of beauty is not bound geographically or by time. Our Group was incorporated as a cosmetic trading company in 2003 and has become one of the most popular overseas shopping sites for international cosmetics and skincare products.

Other than the head office in Japan and flagship office & distribution warehouse in Hong Kong, the Group has offices in UAS, France, Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, Poland, Australia and other Asian Countries with total headcount of 500 staff members. To cope with our rapid expansion, we are now inviting high caliber developers to join our growing team.

In addition to developing and operating multiple EC sites, we have in-house production management systems for orders, shipping, settlement, inventory management, etc.