MyVaTeam Hiring Virtual Assistant Now!

Aug 23 '19 MaLuz 5222 clicks job

🏠Company Name: MyVaTeam, INC

🏠Position/Job offered: Real Estate Virtual Assistant


🏠Salary: $700 / month (Full Time) / $350 / month Part Time

🏠Working Hours: MST

🏠Number of hours required for work: 8 hours / 4 hours

🏠System requirements:

🌸Must have a computer processor of at least Intel i3 or higher

🌸Must have wired & high-speed internet connection. Internet speed should be at least 5mbps and if not then you should agree to upgrade it to at least 5mbps when we hire you.

🏠Applicant Requirements:

🌸With at least 1 year experience in Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

🌸Great communication skills (verbal and written)

🌸Knows how to create Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters etc.

🏠If you are interested, please fill out this form completely