Clasing ELTS hiring home-based teachers for European students aged 18+

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Company Name: CLASING ELTS Website: Students: European students ages 18 and up

Shift and Rates:

  • HOMEBASED ONLINE ESL TEACHING (With knowledge in Spanish Language)
  • Scheduled Regular Classes preferred by students (not booking system)
  • Afternoon (130php/hr) Not Available at the moment
  • Part time 1pm - 5pm and 5pm - 9pm
  • Graveyard (150php/hr)
  • Part time 9pm - 1am and 1am - 5am
  • Schedule: Mondays-Fridays
  • Type of Class: Audio Class only
  • Payment: BPI online transfer; twice a month
  • Others: Government Benefits, Incentives and Salary Increase upon Regularization

Regularization Bonus Receives 5k bonus after reaching 6th month Given on the 7th month Requirements: Perfect attendance from 1st to 6th month (valid leaves with correct procedures, no SL, EL and tech issues) No complaints from management and students No violation Good performance or QA

Attendance Incentive Additional 1500 bonus every 3rd month Resets every 3 months and whenever the teacher doesn’t meet the requirements Requirements: Perfect attendance from 1st to 6th month (valid leaves with correct procedures, no SL, EL and tech issues)


  • 6 months Experience in ESL industry (with or without certifications)
  • neutral accent
  • 3 to 5 mbps LAN connection with back up WIFI and server
  • no power interruptions in their area
  • knowledgeable in google drive, account and skype
  • good working environment (no background noise)
  • well-functioning PC/laptop and headset with external mic and noise cancellation
  • knows how to manage time and stress

If you think you meet all the requirements mentioned above,kindly ensure to have all these requirements:

  • Resume: Make sure that the resume is updated.

  • Recorded audio clip this website: (copy paste the link) and/or your own app if you have any (ensure that it’s downloadable or compatible to any OS), should be 3-5 minutes only.

Content are as follow:

  • Short self-introduction (personal information, educational background, work experience/s related to ESL, trainings/certifications)
  • Google drive familiarity
  • Power supply status and back up (if any)
  • Internet service provider and back up
  • Work equipment such as computer (brand, type and specs) and headset (brand and features)
  • Health issues
  • Preferred shift
  1. Recent speed test link Should be taken at least 3 minutes before sending the application.