Some thoughts about freelancing, home and life

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My freelancing journey started mid of 2016. We have been faced with challenges and struggles and was at rock bottom for the longest time. With God's grace, I was able to land several projects and decided to move to Batangas last year. I still continued working at home while my husband worked as a chef also here in Batangas. My parents left us a decent house with massive space and decided to convert it to a garage restaurant set-up with the help of friends who became family, "katas ng freelancing" and Papa G. We called it BIG REDD and we are opening our first baby on the 28th. ♥️ I have a best friend of 22 years, she and her husband together with another close friend gave our hearts to make this happen, from painting the walls down to fixing the lights and design.

If you know me personally and my story, our life wasn't easy, we struggled yet we are able to swim through the rough seas and tried some more to get to the shore. This wasn't just my dream but also my husband’s and I am putting my faith and everything else on this project. Everything was put together by us from top to bottom and that is me painting one of the walls that made this dream happen. If you are struggling to achieve something, please don't stop, never feel that you are failing -- failure is a sign that you are given another chance to get back up, shrug it off and move on to your next plan. It won't be long until you find your place in the sun while doing the chicken dance. ♥️☝ Always believe that you can do more.

I have always wanted to do one thing: Freelancer/ Restaurant Owner. some thoughts about freelancing, home and life

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Very inspiring and congrats!

Congratulations po. Hopefully one day, I will experience this kind of triumph.

Amazing story. Thanks for inspiring and sharing your wisdom. God bless you and your business.