ASPIRA Business Brokers now hiring Digital Marketing Support

Feb 26 '22 brad_lakin 2069 clicks job
Aspira Business Brokers Digital Marketing Support

OPPORTUNITY ALERT!!! Company Name: ASPIRA Business Brokers Company Address: New Jersey, USA Work Schedule: Flexible

  1. Website Developer: design/development and management multiple websites. Also manage publishing new content on the various websites. a. Average 2-4 hours per week. b. Hourly rates: $4-6/hour

  2. Content Analyst: Pick winning content ideas and topics. Probably an expert on researching audiences and their behaviors. Probably knows Google Analytics and trends extremely well.
    a. Average 4-8 hours per week. b. Hourly rates: $4-6/hour

  3. Copywriter and Researcher: research top quality information to support us in creating video and article content. Help with scripting videos and writing articles. a. Average 10-12 hours per week.

  4. Graphic Designer: To design graphics for video, articles and so on. This person can create more content such as memes, quote posts, infographics and so on from our weekly videos. a. Average 4-8 hours per week. b. Hourly rates: $4-6/hour

  5. Video editor: To edit video content ideally for Youtube (10 to 20 min long) and then repurpose the content for Facebook (maybe a bit shorter), Instagram (ideal length?), and LinkedIn (1 to 2 minutes). a. Average 12-16 hours per week.
    b. Hourly rates: $4-6/hour

  6. Social Media Manager: someone who deeply understands the following platforms - Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and even Pinterest. In other words, I need an expert for each platform. a. This person should know the ideal format of content, the ideal timing to post, and how to respond to comments on my behalf. This person should know the nuances to each social networking platform.
    b. Average 14-21 hours per week. c. Hourly rates: $4-6/hour

Ready to step into the spotlight and drive success through this position. What are you waiting for! APPLY NOW! If you know someone who is a well experienced and professional with a proven track record ready to be part of our team don’t hesitate to share this post to your family & friends to apply!

We are looking forward to meet you!