Any suggestion (brand) for a 30k worth of computer?

Jan 05 '20 Zeth 1551 clicks ask

Any suggestion (brand) for a 30k worth of 💻? Thanks for your responses in advance!

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dell or lenovo brand

Based on your workload, my best recommendation would be a 2nd hand Macbook Air 13” 2017 model

Pros: 8-10 hours battey life Slim Sleek design High resale value (if balak mo mag upgrade after 3-4 years) Unlikely to have a virus

Cons: Adjustment period if sanay sa windows (1 week lang sigurado sanay ka na sa Mac) Low Res screen compared to Macbook pro and other laptops with IPS display (di naman need to kung di graphic intensive ang work mo)

Lenovo T450s - get a used one.

core3 asus 4gb ram. perfect for beginnera.

Best recommended yung mga big specs kesa brands.

Find an i5 or i7 with 4-8GB ram with 2-4GB videocard capacity then terabyte ang storage drives niya

If you’re just a beginner there are tons of surplus shops online that could buy you an i7 for less than 20k.

Anong gagawin mo sa laptop? Dpende yan sa workload kung ani eprioritize na feature since you have limited budget

Anybrand with the following SSD 8 - 16GB RAM above 2 - 4GB gfx

I bought a laptop, worth 30k it's good for gaming, okay din ba sya sa home based work? Acer aspire 2 brand nya.

lenovo brand.

Depende pa din sa work.

Kung okay ka sa secondhand laptops, you can get for around 20K to 25K, 16GB RAM 250GB/500GB SSD i5 or higher Lenovo Thinkpad or Dell Latitude

Otherwise, okay din desktop. May limitations lang sa mobility.