Any recommendations to find a platform that works in China for online class teaching?

Feb 11 '20 AndrewH 1302 clicks ask

My university wants me to start teaching online classes to my university students next Monday. I am currently in the Philippines and trying to find a platform that works in China. One of my teachers recommended that I use QQ groups; however, there seem to be some major issues trying to download it on my phone/computer.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a platform that would work?

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You can use DingTalk.

You can add me on wechat if you want, I will share the app with you.

QQ/Ding or even a WeChat group (maximum 8students,good for small group tutoring)

We are using zoom and teams. It’s mostly going fine so far.

Teams seems to be the best bet. Zoom is currently working but was not for a while.