Any prepaid WiFi options?

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Just want to ask ano preferred Prepaid Wifi nyo?

Globe PldT Any others?

Can you also share your location para Alam Ng mga bago sasali alin mas maganda sa area nila if ever bibili sila. Bonus if you can also tell ul/dl speed.


Globe prepaid Cavite 14mbs/9mbps


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Taytay area Kabayan/cheetah 20mbps 1540 kasama ang cable.

converege 1625 every month 25mbps

Converge Air Internet+cable bundle Plan 1799 20mbps uncapped (grandfather account)

Converge Fiber 100 mpbs- Olongapo

My backup prepaid wifi is Globe. 5-10 mbps minsan. Bacoor, Cavite.

angeles pampanga, converge fibr.

PLDT, Taytay Area, 20mbps/12mbps (minsan nag oover 20mbps pa)

Fairview, QC. Converge.

From QC sky dati gamit namen and its good nman We just changed to converge para sa mas mataas na speed.

I can say na pareho nman silang maayos.

+1 for Converge, pero di pa ata sila available sa lahat ng area.

Converge. Makati before, Taguig now. Never had a problem that lasted for more than 2 days. In Makati, 35 mbps with boost, now in Taguig, 25 mbps, didn't avail of the boost. I don't see any real difference kasi kaya pa rin naman kahit andaming devices ang nakaconnect including 2 smart tvs na almost always naka connect for YT and Netflix. Lenient sa payment, 60 days nonpayment muna bago sila magpuputol (not that it would be a problem to you).

Downside lang yung CS nila. Almost nonexistent tbh.

depende sa area, pero dto malakas globe prepaid LTE.

For back-up only: Globe At Home prepaid, Lipa City, less than 10Mbps LTE.