Share my experience for year 2019 and the first journey on VA

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Sharing my experience for year 2019 when I left the corporate world and started doing VA work still as a Financial Analyst.. My 1 yr journey so far

December - I left my previous company.

Dec-Jan-Feb - I've tried multiple platforms to find a homebased job. (honestly, kahit ano papatusin ko na nung Feb kase ang hirap maghanap ng near sa niche mo, sabi ko kahit paEXP lang lord)

March - God's delay was not denial. I landed my first VA job. I was this guy's first VA and he was my 1st client too. Sobrang thankful lang kase I never thought I can do the same Analyst role I did before.(loving excel baga) hehe

June - After 3 months. My boss was really happy about my performance and decided to invest in me. Eto yung time na sinabi nia, "I want you on this long term, I hope you are in it too for the long run" Syempre happy ako kase satisfied si client. Then I was surprised he sent me an office chair and a 2nd monitor I can used.

July - I thought about the whole investment thing and I asked our local carpenter to build me my own mini office table.

Fast forward to December. I just kept on doing my best. Naniniwala naman ako na we get what is due for us. as a VA, most of us doesn't have 13th month pay. Tanggap ko na iyon..

Pero iba tlga c lord, Unexpectedly.. nagbigay yung boss ko ng year end bonus for the good performance I demonstrated this year.. 😭 sobrang nakakaiyak lang.. I just had to share this kase when I look back to how things was after I resigned, a lot of people was skeptical about my decision, that I'm leaving a good job and that the whole benefit system will be gone. That it was a risk especially for a dad like me with 2 kids. So many negatives sa totoo lang.

But when you pray, trust and keep the faith burning. Every puzzle piece suddenly fits together na para bang sinadja ang lahat. I'm sharing this to promote more homebased work in the Philippines. To inspire people and take that leap of faith. To remind those who are still looking for a job na hindi kayo nagiisa, it's part of the process na mahirapan sa simula kase lahat ng pinaghihirapan, worth it.

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Thank u for sharing your inspiring story! 🙂

kakainspire. planning to start VA job next year, in God's will.

Job well done! God is good and a great provider! Congrats.

i feel in the process of lookin a client that fit on my skills as well.As a beginner super hirap tof ind a job talaga.yung gusto muna mag give up pero hindi pwede kasi you have daugter na nagpappalaks sayo:)

I’m looking forward to have the same successful journey as you did...soon I’ll be gone in the vast world of corporate buildings and busy streets and instead work with just my pajamas on and my kid nearby...soon🙏🏻

Bless you. I pray the same for all of us in the freelancing world.

Very Inspiring 😁 thanks for sharing.. thinking to start my home-based job in upwork early 2020..hope I can deal with coming adversity as a starter..😁

thanks for the inspiring share; rock on & more power!

dati i love working in the dark. pero sabi nila masama daw kasi sa mata and madali akong ma praning so yun sa liwanag na nagttrabaho hahahaha

This is so inspiring. Thank you for this :)

Love this part: "But when you pray, trust and keep the faith burning. Every puzzle piece suddenly fits together na para bang sinadja ang lahat." really inspiring! 😌🙏👏🙌👐🤝

So true!!! Sa una mahirap but things will definitely fall into places perfectly! God had his own ways of telling us “chill ka lang ako bahala sayo basta magtiwala ka lang!”

I also took the risk, I left corporate world and decided to stay here in the province with my family..and decided to work at home, waited for a month to get a job then finally I got one, still new to this kind of work but it is so satisfying, less stress, no traffic and more time for my family..

God is so dope! Big time! I was so broke for the last 2 years of my life devastated and hopeless but if you trust God and keep the faith He will never fail you! ❤️🙏🏻

Great Entrepreneurship and a good showcase for othter who are dreaming about being their own boss. It seems to that you are on a winner. I wish you all the best...

Leap of Faith, very inspiring sa mga newbie na katulad ko. For your 2019 journey are you consistent for 1 client only or meron k p din ibang clients? Financial analyst so more on financial ratios and fs analysis?

Thanks for the inspiring story. Still on interview with prospect clients. Hope to get a long-term job soon