$8/hour, looking to hire part-time online math tutors for UK students

Jun 13 '20 Plete 1550 clicks job

Hi guys! We are looking to hire more PART TIME ONLINE MATH TUTORS for UK students.

Rate is $8/hour.

Tutoring schedules are usually between 3PM-7PM GMT (that's 11pm - 3am Philippine Time) during the week and 9AM-6PM GMT (5pm - 2am Philippine Time) on the weekends.


  1. Must be a graduate of any 4-year course

  2. Must be a LET passer

  3. Must have at least 1 year Math teaching experience in a school.

  4. Must have experience in tutoring students online

  5. Must have a previous boss we can contact for a reference

Please share this job opportunity to others as well. Thank you!

PS: These are the only requirements, nothing more. Also, ANYONE can apply. Don't ask me "what if's", you can just fill out the application form if you are interested.

Thank you! :)