5 Tips Concerning Home-based Online Jobs for Newbies in the Philippines

Oct 25 '20 chris_hill 2960 clicks share

For the newbies:

First and foremost, what I've learned a long time ago, the very basic step in everything you want to do - accept that it will not be easy! But if you really want this line of work, you'll find a way to make it happen.

  1. Acquiring the basic and advanced knowledge of being a VA will come with hiccups from being too broke to not afford training to Internet disconnections and power interruptions, not being able to find a job or difficult clients - and more! You have to have the resolve and the will to seek out what you need. Take trainings, go out of Facebook and use Google to research. Take note of the dates and always seek updated info. The Internet is a fountain of information. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

  2. Take trainings related to your chosen category (General VA, writing, marketing, etc.), free or paid, from legit coaches. Absorb as much information as you can and NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. DON'T BE AFRAID OR EMBARRASSED TO ASK. IT IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. WALANG UMUUNLAD SA NATATAKOT MAPAHIYA.

  3. No writing, videos editing, graphics creation experience? Create a free portfolio of your best samples and add watermarks. Social media managing? Research ways on how to manage your own social media accounts and grow your following. Find a way to CREATE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE to test everything you've learned from your trainings. Use that time while you're waiting.

  4. You are applying for a job, ask them to test you so you'll have a chance to showcase what you can do, experienced or not. Let them know that you are also willing to be trained if they are offering it.

  5. Don't be discouraged if you're not getting any replies, or if you've been rejected a few times already. Apply lang ng apply kung saan ang skillset mo ay magagamit mo. Understand that the competition now is very tight compared to a few years ago. Maraming gusto mag-VA, marami na din ang mas qualified sa'yo pero hindi yan dahilan para ma-discourage ka. Simple logic lang yan: kung nasa race ka at may rival ka na mabilis tumakbo, train and discipline yourself to run faster! Now is not the time na maghimutok ka sa isang tabi lalo na at may pag-asa ka pa na mas mapabuti ang buhay mo at ng pamilya mo.

Good Luck!