4 Don'ts When You are a Filipino Freelancer

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🇵🇭Hi, fellow Filipino freelancers. I want to give free tips and this is one of a few articles I've written. :)

💕Quick Background: I've done work as a writer, social media content creator, digital marketer, sales, appointment-setter (voice and non-voice), and virtual assistant.

Thanks to doing online work for a long time, I get to work only 20 hours a week while having the time to spend with my family and provide. I love my job, I'm very satisfied with my rate, and I want as many of my fellow Filipinos to have the same thing.

4 Don'ts When You are a Filipino Freelancer

Here are free tips as my gift to my countrymen, especially during covid19.


So without further delay, here goes the tips:

❌Freelancer DON'Ts.⛔

Things that are keeping you, and will keep you, from achieving a profitable and enjoyable online freelancing career.

SIDE NOTE: I'm writing this with beginner to intermediate freelancers (1-2 years experience) in mind.

#1 Being lazy when looking for clients

I know this sounds too obvious. It's common sense if we're lazy we won't meet our goals.

But laziness in the online world is next-level when compared to the real world. It's too easy to be lazy online--things can and do happen with a push of a button.

I've heard people complain it's difficult to find clients. I'm not saying they're wrong. Yet some have zero to almost-zero cover letter efforts. And you have those who send out three to five applications as a newbie freelancer and then are quick to think, "Wow, I can't land a client!"

So how do you counter this? Treat job-hunting as an actual job. Because it is.

What does this mean? You need to put in hours. First, a few hours polishing your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Then you need to send out at least a dozen applications. 30 or more if you're very new.

I recommend sending out at least 10 applications on at least three job websites (like Upwork), and as many as you can to 🌻appropriate🌻 job ads (without spamming) on FB groups that allow it.

NOTE: Please see my Tips Set #2 about writing a good cover letter. Just search my name in this FB group and it will pop up. This way you won't sound like you're just copying and pasting your application letters.

Again, looking for a job is a job. Have this mindset and you'll land that job :)

#2 Not knowing how to type one thing

What's this one thing? Google.com. That's it.

Want to learn anything new? Turn to Google. Or Youtube. There's a 99% chance you'll find the freelancer-related information you need.

Except maybe if you search "how to be a freelance astronaut for NASA" :D But who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and there's actually a video for that!

Being new to online freelancing is not an excuse to avoid trying, thanks to Google and Youtube.

Need to learn social media management? There are dozens of free videos and articles on that. Want to start out as a virtual assistant? Ask Google and you'll find the light.

It won't come to you. Go look for it and it's all right there for free. Cherish the Internet for the true gift that it is and it will reward you.

#3 The "I have no portfolio" excuse

This should never stop you. And here's a trick that will work if you put in the effort :)

Let's say you want to be an article writer but you never worked as a paid writer before. Clients will ask for samples.

The simple solution is to make those samples. Just because you have never been hired/paid as a writer in the past doesn't mean you can't write.

What 90% of clients in the freelancing world care about is what you can do. It's only in very specific niches (and usually for high-level positions) that a client would want people with years of professional experience (and not simply have the skills).

If you're a great writer yet you've only written for fun on your social media page or blog, journal, etc., showcase your talent by writing an impressive article based on the client's industry.

For example, if they're looking for health writers, go ahead and write pieces about the latest trending health topics. Don't let the fact that you haven't been actually paid to write stop you.

This same tip goes for newbie graphic artists, video editors, social media content creators, illustrators, etc.

How do I know this will work? Because this is exactly what I did when I started out as a freelance writer 12 years ago.

I didn't have a portfolio to show to save my life. So I created a blog about fashion (what I wanted to write about back then) and used that blog as my portfolio.

Then last year I did the same thing when I wanted to dive into social media management. Nobody had ever hired or paid me to be a social media manager. So I built an Instagram page around my love for books, then put in a lot of passion and effort into it. It slowly grew.

Once it gained a following of only 500 people and had dozens of photos, I used that as my "social media manager" portfolio. I then landed a fun social media managing gig.

Oh, and I have ADHD and I suck at procrastination. I actually suck at a lot of things. So if I can do it, more so people who don't procrastinate as badly as I do can. :D

Once you get your first client, don't stop the momentum. Save all your work (Hello, free Dropbox.com or Google Drive) because these projects will, later on, act as your updated portfolio, landing you even better-paying gigs.

#4 Giving up too quickly or easily

Everyone who's been in an industry for years paid some form of dues. Everyone.

A client who was quick to "friend-zone" me without any excuse? Been there. Low-paying writing jobs on topics that made me want to choke myself? Definitely been there.

A client who paid me less than what we agreed? Yup. A client who lied to me and threatened to "claw back past Paypal earnings" because I caught him lying? Oh yes. And no, nobody can do that. Empty threats from a lost person.

Don't let this depress you. Instead, learn from my mistakes. Before I became a mom 7 years ago, I was much lazier.

Don't be the old me. The faster and sooner you put in the hours improving your craft, the faster you will land those quality clients.

Eventually, I found amazing clients who I can call my friends.

And, yes, one client made me cry after he criticized my work some years back. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

We're all human beings. We're all on the same boat. Just keep on rowing gently (but consistently) down the stream and learn your trade the whole time.

That's it for now before this turns into a Wattpad novel :D

Please let me know if a Part 2 section around this topic is necessary.

I hope this helps at least one person out there. Keep the faith, keep your head down, and put in the work. You will find those awesome clients.

Do it for self, family, community, and country. 🇵🇭❤️

Stay safe, wash your hands, help one another.

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