Has anyone had the same situation?

Dec 13 '19 Cabanilla 1830 clicks ask

I had a client na nag dispute ng hourly contract for how many weeks kase he's claiming I worked more than the actual work ko. No limit yung time namen. Tapos may PA sya who asked me to assist newbies' inquiries. And so I did kase nga bayad naman ako. Ngayon, di pala well informed si client about this. Im assisting them even after my normal shift.

Upwork is asking me for proof of work done eh wala nakong access sa tools. Tapos i can no longer contact any of them and im uncertain if tutulungan ako ni PA kase nga parang pinasa nya lng naman saken yung trabaho nya.

May chance kaya kong manalo? Jusko iang weeks din na diapute ni client to. 5 weeks ata.

Has anyone had the same situation? Ano ginawa nyo?

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Chat screenshots po kaya nung extra work na pinasa sayo?

Through slack kse. No access na po ako.

If you genuinely did work, best way is to professionally approach client and provide proof of work and why and how why you did it. This would be easily resolved with or without a dispute. Unfortunately a dispute will impact your profile.

Even if you have indeed worked extra hours, it’s still the client’s prerogative if he’ll pay you or not if you have indeed set a max number of work hours per week (even just a verbal or informal agreement).

Although, it’s the client’s fault to have not limited your hours set on Upwork and even set no limit on Upwork.

My suggestion is to justify your work with the client and ask to just gradually offset the hours to the following weeks to be fair.

download mo lang yong nasa work diary mo then highlights some of screenshot with detailed kung ano ginagawa mo.

Will they ban an account po ba if incase nanalo si Client sa dispute? Kase talaga wala kong proof. Nasa Slack lahat :(

@Cabanilla Maybe not. Just refund.

if you use the upwork memo when working may laban ka, kahit wala kang access sa kung anong tools may screenshot naman ang timer kya lang if u didn't use the upwork memo talo ka.

If hourly ka, upwork will look into your work diary to check for screenshots and work memo. You can win without providing any additional proof kasi kung ano nakunan ng tracker is already the proof itself dapat lang may nakalagay na kung ano trinabaho mo sa work memo... Your account will not be banned based on this dispute but may impact the rating to be given by your client once the contract is ended... Hence, your JSS will suffer