You'll work in our CRM system and manage the leads & schedule calls for followups

Mar 04 '20 Pompey 3760 clicks job


Friendly- you must come off as warm and friendly so that the customer feels comfortable proving us with the necessary information about the property.

Must type 50 words per min.- there is a lot of information that your be typing as you listen to voicemail messages &speak with customers. So typing speed is a must have.

Must like being on the phones- your going to be on the phone alot during the day ap you have to be okay with that.

Team Player- your be a really important part of our real estate team, so need to work well with other seeing your going to need to communicate with other team members.

Highly Organized- you'll be working in our CRM system and managing the leads & scheduling calls for follow ups with them. So it's important that you are Organized.

Able to communicate orally & in writing in clear English- 90 % of the time your be communicating with customers who speak English. Clear communication skills are a must.

High Speed Internet connection- Goes without saying that you should have fast internet connection.

Excellent written English & Attention to detail- have to be able to communicate extremely well in the written word and have absolute accuracy on documents you will prepare. This means structure and the use of proper nouns and adjectives etc. Your ability to communicate precisely using the written word is very important.

Pleasing personality- you will be interacting with clients, customers and various business partners. So having a pleasing personality is a must. That means you're outgoing and positive when on the phone with people. (Would be a plus if you were bilingual. Not 100% necessity but would help)

Competition- this position is hourly as well as commission and quarterly bonuses.