W/M Studio is a studio for makers, crafters and artisans, looking for a full-time virtual assistant

Apr 08 '20 Erica 1792 clicks job

Hi, I am looking for a full-time Virtual Assistant for an e-commerce + manufacturing business.

W/M Studio is a studio for makers, crafters and artisans. We make furniture, leather goods, home accessories. Our website is: https://www.wmsupplystudio.com

Tasks may include:

  • Can organize personal tasks and schedule efficiently.
  • Can coordinate with clients and suppliers via all means of communication. (written, oral, virtual)
  • Willing to learn how to check, monitor and flag data from (1) Inventory (2) Payments (3) Suppliers (4) Partner Makers
  • Submit Research on (1) Online Marketing and Design Trends (2) Possible clients, competitors, suppliers, makers (3) Cool new independent crafters.
  • Can book travels, meetings, delivery app services.
  • Can follow up clients with orders, shipment/delivery details and payments.
  • Can update online accounts; JobStreet, LinkedIn Account
  • Make schedule for Social Media and Website Posts (Scheduling on Google Drive)
  • Upload Photos and maybe edit (Basic Photoshop, background removal)
  • Can use Squarespace; upload and edit photos, suggest content, compose short product descriptions, manage inventory quantity and SKUs.
  • Genuine interest in commerce, manufacturing, interior and product design.
  • Knows how to do inventory management and logistics is a plus.

Career Growth: Can become an Account Manager for Maker/s.

What to submit for application:

  1. Sample Purchase Order.
  2. What you think about the website.
  3. Sample Email to a possible business partner. Invite me to do business with you.

Also looking for a part-time Bookkeeper/Inventory Tracker. Work from home and great with Google Sheets.