Who got approved with Pag-ibig housing loans considering the job is self-employed freelancing jobs?

Oct 31 '20 gillian22 12518 clicks ask

Hi everyone, just want to ask people here who got approved with their Pag-ibig housing loans considering the job they have is self-employed freelancing jobs.

The developer I am talking with claims that Pag-ibig doesn't allow freelancers/homebased individuals get a housing loan, and requiring me to submit a letter from Pag-ibig stating that freelancers/homebased individuals can get a loan.

The thing is, Pag-ibig doesn't give stamped documents out this way, and they would only process the loan directly. We also got word from Pag-ibig office employees that freelancers can get approved in housing loans, yet the developer is insisting for the letter.

Any advice you can give for instances like this? Thank in advance!

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I have co workers po na na approved naman as long as may COE from your client po they will email lang naman your client asking if you work for them as a proof na approve naman po sila

Siguro depende sa developer if they really wiliing to help you process your docs. Kasi in my case when i register sa Pagibig they advised me na yung freelancers is under OFW not self employed. & then they just asked me to pass documents like COE bank statements pwede na rin sya gawin proof of income kasi yun yung mode of payment namin sa company,make sure certified sa bank. Then tell your employer that Pag ibig will make background check or verify your employment to them anyways this is only through an email. So dapat magreply talaga yung enployer mo.

Same concern din. Thanks for posting.

We used my upwork docs. Anyway, we had an agent who processed everything.

Find another agent siguro.Either he is not aware,or is aware,but doesnt want the extra leg work he himself will be doing.

Find a different agent. Lol.. pag ibig acutally doesnt care if anu work mo as long as you can show them legit income docs and updated monthly contributions mo.

2014 I was told by the local pagibig office in cebu that they won't grant housing loans to freelancers. I hope it has since changed.

Thanks everyone for the input! Kumpleto na po lahat with regard to my clients. Verified by Pag-ibig na din. Just getting some ideas for a workaround regarding sa issue ng developer. Much appreciated!