Which to choose, Mac or Windows?

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Question for any art related professionals out there:

Mac or Windows?

Next year po, my boss will be funding my upgrade and buying me any laptop I need.

But recently po I heard na OS Catalina is giving problems sa mga gumagamit ng Adobe Products due to compatibility issues unless you subscribe ilang thousand a month para magamit ang Creative Cloud for the 2020 versions ng apps.

Napapadalawang isip lang ako if I still want a Mac or do i just go with Windows para magamit ko pa din ang Photoshop cS6 ko without any trouble.

Thoughts and Opinions and Advice would be so helpful!

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The one that is for gaming yun ang bagay for designing. Same kasi sila ng bigat or possible consumption.

Nah.. That’s just rumors.. But like every major OSX upgrade, do not update right away if your frequently used apps did not update yet.. Adobe Premiere ko when rendering crashed the entire unit when I update in advance and 1 week pa after may patch and Adobe.

Depends yan sa preference mo. I was using a MacBook Pro 15 2.9ghz 1TB 4GB Vram before I sold it for replacement of a Alienware R11 due to VCARD and Windows system support area training ko. But experience on Adobe products are almost identical except of the keys and combo.

Other points you can consider in your decisions if you have an iPhone, Airpods and apps like iCloud (Messaging) within the Apple Ecosystem so seamless ang integration sa MacBook. End of this year din, Apple will transition, so better wait for that version. Experience ko with the PowerPC and Intel transition before was not a good experience. Parang force upgrade.

If you say you boss will provide you any kind of laptop you i suggest you get a Asus ROG laptop that will overcome all your confusions...

Mac used to be the artist go to but with so limited technology bumps and with apps sucking too much resource you better go with a PC. Just like this laptop


or this


These are made for artist and the specs have the best in the market with yes RTX video card for those cuda cores which Adobe likes.

Macs are still nice but with you putting a premium just for the brand without the hardware you can get on the same price you'd better go for the performance which is what you need when rendering and encoding graphics.

Macs will be running on Their new apple silicon. So siguro hindi na problem ang mga Adobe apps. Big Sur na ang OS this year so try to research and watch yt vids about that.

Kung next year pa yan then I think pwede pa Mac. They will be switching to ARM based chipset at ang rumors is super bilis. I think just hold off this thought and wait for the benchmarks but for now I'd say get a dell XPS.

Imagine the gaming pc laptops, actually, it's not just for gaming, it is more a workstation, with all that kind of specs, and it's cheaper than mac.

May issue po core i7 10th gen. Better if core i5 ka na lang po, 16GB of ram 512gb ssd + 1tb hdd Graphics is 6gb memory 120hz refresh rate lcd with fhd

Mac for work, you don't regret it. Kaya Lang nagwiwindows ang IBA dahil sa games. For Adobe products, I use legit software using Adobe CC, bawing bawi naman from salary

Go to the Apple Support Group and verify the report if their OS indeed gives problems with Adobe products (it makes sense that Apple has its own products to sell). If they confirm it, then you have the luxury to decide whether to stick with them or go somewhere else.

Mac is okay. Catalina was only giving problems when it was released but other than that, it's generally fixed.

Windows machines have better upgradability and future proofing options. Mas mura din ang after sales maintenance and repairs.

Get an i7 10th gen windows laptop, with nvidia RTX video card.

I think u can still use ur photoshop cs6 with Mac...I’m not expert but I know it will still work on Mac 😊

Get a Mac and dualboot windows 10.

Anything that needs proper COLOR ORIENTATION use MAC..