Well-experienced teachers who can have fun during the class are needed from Talkday1

Aug 04 '20 aFaheyIII 4502 clicks job

Hello, this is from Talkday1.

I manage 4 language classes. (English/Chinese/French/Spanish)

Please read this carefully.

I only need a well-experienced teacher who can have fun during the class. Teaching in an academic way is not preferred at all.

For example,

  1. Teaching grammar is not preferred at all. If you like to teach grammar rules or drills in the textbooks, don’t apply, please.
  2. Teaching words list is not preferred too.
  3. Using textbooks like Let’s go third, Side by Side, etc. is not preferred.
  4. Teaching Phonics must be avoided. Kids don’t learn in that way.
  5. Don’t focus on the nouns, focus on making your students to describe or explain something e.g.: Don’t teach by asking ‘what is this?’’ what’s that?’. Ask them what he/she is doing? What do you think of …?
  6. Teaching vocabularies in the same category, like apple, banana, watermelon etc. isn’t a good way. Teaching basic sentences is much better. e.g.: “ I eat ?, I read ?, I see ? etc.”

So here is what I wish you teach:

  1. Monday: reading through interesting stories. Tuesday: Youtube videos (which is related to Korean culture, food etc) Wednesday: Pictures(Describing what’s going on the pictures) Thursday: Reading(This is related to the previous Youtube videos) Friday : Videos (like movies or dramas etc)

  2. The class should have meaningful conversations.

  3. The quality of your class can be measured by how many times your students laugh during your class.

If you have a meaningful conversation with students, they smile and laugh.

So pleasant and enjoyable English teachers are HIGHLY preferred. Class fee : 160 - 240 pesos per hour Some of my teachers earn 30,000 - 40,000 per month

  • Must be a video call This is a 25 minutes' class from Monday to Friday IN THE EVENING.
  • At first, I need a demo class for 25 minutes and then if I like your class, you will start with one student right way, a while later more students step by step.

If you are interested in this job, please send your voice file and resume to me.

Without a voice file, I wouldn’t contact, sorry about this. Your introduction file would decide whether or not I contact you.

Thank you for reading this.