We need someone who has an experience in tech research

Apr 19 '20 Salunda 1515 clicks job

Hello, we’re in the stage of developing my startup before launching it in the Philippines. It’s a C2C marketapp and we need someone who has an experience in tech research.


  • experience in Tech Research
  • knowledgeable in his/her field
  • digital marketing experience
  • familiar with Lazada, Carousell, Ebay, etc.
  • an online shopper or a seller
  • stable internet connection
  • good communicator
  • win-win personality

Job: You will be closely working with me to conduct several interviews and surveys. Organize and interpret the data. Mainly do research in consumer behavior and tech industry web and mobile app.

  • Tuesday to Saturday work
  • Flexible hours but needs to be online from 16:00~20:00 JST.

Salary: P 15,000 per month

  • completion bonus