We are hiring a VA for client, Full-Time position, Php 24,000/month

May 20 lind06 2448 clicks job
Virtual Assistant Full Time

We are hiring a VA for client. Full-Time position Php 24,000/month

Currently looking for someone who can/has/knows:

  • How to write cold emails and set-up the email marketing (automation, segmentations, etc. You can learn it from YouTube anyway but it's an upside if you know it already).
  • Has experience negotiating leads on Facebook Dms for appointments.
  • Training in Copywriting with an acumen for negotiation.
  • Experience doing the 1, 2, 3, or at least two of them for at least 3-months.


  • You will do Outbound non-voice service.
  • You will DM leads on Facebook and send cold emails to other leads as well.
  • You might also be asked to do some admin tasks not really essential but probability is low.


  • Copywriting, ability to negotiate, and lead generation experience are essentials. You must also good in writing and communicating in English language.
  • You will be asked to send a simple resume, testimonials, and portfolio or work samples.

Thank you.