Urgent Hiring! Accountant/Bookkeeper WITH EXPERIENCE IN US TAX RETURNS, $6-7 USD Negotiable / Bi-Monthly

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Accountant Bookkeeper

URGENT HIRING! ✅ Job Post: Accountant/Bookkeeper WITH EXPERIENCE IN US TAX RETURNS ✅ Schedule: Part-Time | 5- 10 hours / week ✅ Offer: $6-7 USD Negotiable / Bi-Monthly ✅ Time zone: Flexible

DESCRIPTION: A digital agency in New York is looking to onboard a Part Time Accountant/Bookkeeper WITH EXPERIENCE IN US TAX RETURNS. Responsibilities include but not limited to: JOB DESCRIPTION:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll Processing
  • Accounts Payables and Receivables
  • Journal Reporting and Data Entry
  • Receipts Management
  • Budget Planning & Forecasting

You will also:

  • Prepare tax provisions schedules, returns, payments, reports and maintain a company’s tax database
  • Find tax solutions to complicated tax issues or errors from incorrect tax filings
  • Identify legal tax savings and recommend ways to improve profits
  • Make sure that clients comply with federal, state, and local tax regulations
  • Advise management about the impact of tax liabilities and corporate strategies or new tax laws
  • Coordinate outsourced tax preparation work
  • Accurately prepare quarterly and annual tax reports


  • CPA or equivalent program completed with 5 years work experience
  • Excellent English skills (verbal and written)
  • Has 4 - 5 years using Quickbooks, Xero and/or Wave Apps (company uses Wave Apps)
  • Knows United States Income tax and IRS laws
  • Ability to do company returns (preferred)
  • Ability to prepare individual tax returns (preferred)

Skills Required:

  • Must know how to apply income tax laws to specific tasks
  • Ability to complete all tasks assigned
  • Can work unsupervised and complete tasks assigned
  • Can work through specific accounting and problems applicable to accounting programs

⛔️ If you are not a CPA with Quickbooks or Wave experience; no knowledge of American business tax law, and cannot do bookkeeping, your application will not be entertained. ⛔️

Failure in following above instructions will automatically be disqualified. We will reach out to all qualified candidates for pre-screening interview within 24-48 hours.