Unifinity.io Looking for experienced VA to handle multiple projects

Apr 29 '20 Andrino 2081 clicks job

Hi, I'm looking for experienced VA to handle multiple projects, I am the Founder of Unifinity.io and Owner of adsolve.co.

Salary will be discussed depends on the load. must have experience handling time constraint deadlines, SEO tools ,Social Media Automation, Scheduler, Digital Marketing tools. Digital Marketing experience, can use photoshop is a plus.

Must be quick and always online. Can think outside the box Can create a business plan and exit strategy must be willing to learn on new things. must be able to adapt quickly can deliver basic task quickly must be able to make calls, calls can be reimbursed , must have laptop. must have phones must have internet. I need someone who will think and act smart, and save both our time on explaining task. must know how to setup newsletter will report directly to me.

Tools: Trello, active campaign, SEO keyword search..etc..

Interns are 1st month role Part time - 3 mos role Fulltime - on the 4th.month to 6th month base on perform

Payments are all digital payments,crypto.

All work at home.