TMJ is hiring ESL Teacher / Online English Tutors

Aug 22 '20 Elvie 3005 clicks job

We're are hiring!

**Apply now and get Php 10,000 signing bonus for successful candidates. **

ESL Teacher/Online English Teacher

Account Description:

  • The account specializes in conducting 50-minute online English lessons to Japanese professionals.

Job Description:

  • Perform work five (5) days a week
  • Must be adaptable, flexible, and willing to work on a shifting schedule
  • Report to One Felicity Center, Commonwealth Quezon City
  • Undergo training and meet training requirements
  • Maintain an understanding of program-specific training
  • Effectively provide quality learning experiences according to specified methodologies
  • Implement the structured lesson management plans
  • Collaborate with the team projects to enforce quality standards across lessons
  • Actively participate in knowledge and skills development activities
  • Ensure the department operates efficiently according to program and company measures and policies


  • Must act honestly and professionally and is able to handle confidential and sensitive information
  • Must have strong customer service skills
  • Must demonstrate effectiveness and ability to work independently

Required Skills and Competencies:

  • Must have a score of 80% or more in the English Proficiency Exam (internal exam)
  • Must have above-average command of the English Language
  • Must be able to expound on general topics with efficiency and clarity
  • Must be a graduate of a 4-year course, preferably business or communication-related
  • Must have at least 1-2 years experience in online teaching
  • Can type at least 40 WPM