StrekTec is looking for data analyst / social media manager

Jan 06 '22 Strek 2159 clicks job

We are looking for:

(1) Part or full-time Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst with FeedbackSystems. This person will do the following:

Using our tools they will research the reputation of a multi-location franchise business. They will then create a story around the data and analysis using a tool like Tableau.

This person will possess great analytical skills, the ability to write, and the ability to produce a PowerPoint presentation that conveys the insights.

Minimum rate $5 USD per hour

(2) Part or full-time Social Media Manager for Real Estate

As a Social Media Manager for Real Estate, you will be responsible for creating content that can generate high engagements and syndicate them to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. must have knowledge in SEO.

Minimum rate is $4 USD per hour

Thank you!