SSA Supplied Ltd. Hires Salesperson to Promote Our Medical Supplies

Apr 04 '20 MaryJ 931 clicks job

I would like to invite you to our sales team, to promote our medical supplies.

We are a medical, beauty industry supplier and manufacturer.

The primary job of the sales to supply the global demand of medical supplies due to COVID-19 All products are available to ship anywhere by air to combat the global shortage.

Products that we carry: Nitrile Gloves Vinyl Gloves Bottles of hand sanitizer Hospital wear COVID-19 Test Kits

We are paying large commission-based payments for sales.

An example of commission payment is $8000 for a mixed container sale of products.

No cap on commission. Sales representatives who have exceptional results can earn promotions.

Target customers are local governments and hospitals, retirement homes, and any large business that may require these supplies.

We are looking for representatives in all countries. Our Masks are sold by an MDEL registered company, licensed by Health Canada - ISO 134852016. FDA and CE certified.