Sonic VA is hiring web content virtual assistant for a US based client

Mar 21 '20 Sonic 1774 clicks job


Web Content VA will work for a U.S. Based client that has an e-commerce site dedicated to online sales of baby and infant related products including clothes, accessories and merchandise.

This is a non-voice, back office role, but applicants with call center experience a plus.

Duties include:

  • Data Validation using product web sites.

  • Data Encoding into a master google document.

  • Analysis of product web sites for additional items to be added.

  • Validate historical data of products already listed on the web site and/or database.

  • Web Content publishing using client publishing tool

  • Basic graphic design experience with ability to crop pictures and adjust file size.

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a strong work ethic who can follow directions, can complete their assigned shift on time every day and have good time management skills.

Work quality is the most important aspect of the job, so attention to detail and ability to accurate encode product data is a must.


  • At least a basic comfort using Microsoft Excel/Google Docs for data encoding
  • An interest, if not experience in graphic design
  • Able to take directions in English
  • Knowledgeable on social media
  • Excellent typing skills with low error rate
  • Project Management experience
  • A pleasant attitude and professional appearance
  • A working computer/laptop that can access the internet consistently


  • Starting salary depends on experience, but the position base is P16,000 a month.

  • After six-month probationary period, health benefits and paid leave will be made available.

  • Up to P1,000 in tax-free internet.

  • Complete 40 hours of work. This is a full-time job commitment.

  • Standard employee benefits as mandated by Philippine law.