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Oct 24 '20 lind_izabella 1246 clicks job

Hey all 🎃

We're an expanding growth team ( with an ecommerce-centric business model. We sell growth packages to digital businesses. Our services range from backlinks & search engine optimization, to done-for-you virality across Reddit.

We deliver our orders through a homegrown dashboard. Customers love it because they don't need to chat with an account manager unless they want to. They can see the exact status and state of their order anytime within their dashboard.

We've been growing fast, so, we’ve decided it’s time to take it to the next level. We're looking to hire a Content Manager to join our team and help us fulfill the content orders that we’ve been getting.

You’re our second dedicated content hire, and you'll be responsible for helping us process the content orders we’ll be getting along with our Head Of Content. It's a crucial role that ensures that content orders are organized and on-track.

------ But first, here’s what our company does... ------ Soar sells digital services in the SEO and online marketing space. Our services vary, but they’re all used by digital companies -- eCommerce stores, technology products and so on -- to promote their websites or products. For example, we’ve recently launched a guest posting service. For this service, we write straightforward, matter-of-fact content on behalf of our clients and publish it across a network of publishers. It’s a simple concept but hard to execute.

You can see it over on our site: Another service we offer is Quora Answers. For this service, we research and write answers on behalf of clients on Quora.

  1. We research their industry and topics
  2. Find the top questions across Quora within a client’s niche
  3. Write detailed answers and include backlinks These 2 services aren’t exhaustive by any means, but they’re a good indication of the kind of services we’re working on. ------ Now, let’s talk about the role ------ There’s 2 critical parts to this role, content writing, editing and order management. You’ll be responsible for both creating really great content as well as following and managing a content creation process to make sure that nothing is dropped. It’s important to note, we’re not trying to pump out generic SEO copy here. We try our best to keep our prose informative, meaningful and valuable to readers.

You’ll be working under a talented content writing lead who’ll work with you to ensure our content is A-OK and worthy of carrying the Soar name. In the long term, we’d like to start authoring cornerstone content around the internet and our blog -- really top-tier content that has a bunch of personality, great prose & is informative as hell. We hope you’ll help us with this as well. 🙂

------ So let’s talk about you ------ We expect you to be very comfortable around copy. Being able to execute, brainstorm, write, and edit on time is very important. You should have high standards for what’s being put out there and be comfortable working and iterating with other people on the content team. The right candidate needs

  • Experience with SEO & an understanding of how this kind of content is used
  • A data-driven approach to improving writing
  • Experience working in remote organizations
  • Experience managing projects and staying organized with tools like Asana, Jira
  • Exceptional English
  • This one is important. The Ideal candidate demonstrates initiative in spades. They work to improve themselves and their teammates, with an openness to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • To be a stickler for project deadlines.