Remote work as an accountant/bookkeeper

Apr 07 '20 Niq 2029 clicks job

YES! This is remote work. NO! This not commission based only.

Role: Accountant/Bookkeeper (Back Office Support) Rate: $5 to $6 per hour Work Duration: 8-10 Hours a Day (FULL TIME)

Thoroughly read the details of the open position below. Only submit an application if you are qualified and sincerely interested.

-------------------start---------------------- This job is full-time and long-term. The shift is 6-8 hrs per day between 0300-1400 EST, 5 days a week.

Please read the job ad thoroughly.

Requirement: • Have a strong knowledge of and experience with MS Excel • Have a solid knowledge of accounting/bookkeeping, specifically Profit and Loss statements • Be detail-obsessed; we are freaks for accuracy! • Be effective at collaborating with team members (e.g., able to provide accurate status updates, show respect for their inputs and time) • Have regular access to a high-speed, stable internet connection • Must have the Microsoft Office Tools installed in your PC/laptop (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) • Must be willing to work 6-8 hrs a day between 0300-1400 EST (regular shift will be assigned) • Must be available for a full-time and long-term position • Successfully complete our thorough recruitment process

Responsibilities: • Maintain and improve the structure (calculations) of our Microsoft Excel files. • Recording financial data, generating reports, creating graphs, and analyzing data. • Storing files appropriately. • Attending meetings and collaborating with the team.

The start date would be ASAP. --------------------end-----------------------

NOTE: If you don't have an Upwork account or it is suspended that is fine, you may still apply.

Thank you and good luck!