Reasons why a lot of my students liked to book my classes

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Reasons why a lot of my students liked to book my classes despite my shortcomings:

1: What my regular studes like with me tho, is that, I go over and beyond the required subject matter. Like for example, I have adult students that sometimes, have sensitive topics such as Sino-US trade war. I usually tell 'em, "Now look, this is a sensitive topic, and we'll try to be as neutral as possible and look at things in a more un-biased way."

  1. I am not a stickler when it comes to grammar when we are handling conversations. I usually tell them, it's OK to commit mistakes when you are having a normal conversation, however, If you are to take IELTS, prepare a speech, or have a formal business conversation, then that's the time that I will check even the minutest trace of a grammatical error.

  2. I let them play around with vocabulary words and have them familiarise the usage.

  3. I let my adults call me by my first name. Asian people defer to their seniors as if they are gods or something. Heck, I'd even remind them that I am not their teacher, but rather, I am just their mentor. Deference to a mentor won't help them learn, but rather, it will make them more nervous to learn.

  4. I'm not shy to say that I'm a Filipino despite the ESL Language School provider's prohibition against it. I know, a lot of the Filipino teachers have some qualms about this regulation, however, so far, I haven't had any complaints.

Now, I may not have the pedagogy skills, the professional Certified Educators have, but I make sure my students learn something from the brief 25 minute class...

P.S I don't wear business casual shirts when I teach, I just wear dark-coloured T-Shirts and boxers.

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Wearing dark colours tshirt and boxers i was like 🤣😂🤣😂..thats for real po 🤣😂🤣