Our client is hiring an Executive Assistant for smooth running of his personal and professional work

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Executive Assistant

Our client is looking for an Executive Assistant to dramatically increase his strategic focus by helping with the smooth running of his personal and professional work. You will act as a gatekeeper to protect his time and attention by handling both big picture projects and nitty gritty tasks. Your help will be life changing for him.

What will you do? ● Tackle special projects and ad hoc tasks from the client ● Research a variety of topics (e.g., stock performance data, nutritional supplements, computer equipment, communication best practices, etc.) ● Create and improve a variety of files ○ Write, proofread, and/or copy edit documents (e.g., reports, instruction guides, invoices, etc.) ○ Build and manage intricate databases ○ Design elegant slideshows ○ Design appealing images (if needed, using easy-to-use graphic design software) ○ Update web pages and social media pages ● Respond to personal and professional emails, calls, messages, and mail ● Plan and manage schedules ● Arrange travel ● Handle payments ● Run events

Who is suited for this role? Previous experience in an assistant role is desirable, but we are open to hiring someone without it provided they learn quickly.

These words should describe you: ● Rational: able to carefully evaluate relevant considerations and make good decisions ● Sharp: smart, quick-witted, and discerning ● Formidable: a “force of nature” that makes things happen ● Conscientious: able to reliably deliver high-quality work on time and within budget ● Growth-oriented: deeply focused on improving yourself and the value you offer ● Autonomous: self-directed and intrinsically motivated

The ideal candidate should also have the following skills: ● Organizational: able to juggle multiple priorities and stay on top of a large number of potentially conflicting tasks and deadlines ● Communication: able to succinctly communicate complex information to a variety of audiences both verbally and in writing ● Language: fully fluent in written and spoken English ● Data collection: extensive experience collecting and organizing large quantities of data ● Diplomacy: able to tactfully and effectively relate with people from varied socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds ● Discretion: able to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information ● Software: proficient in Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and other basic software tools

What’s in it for me? ● Compensation: generous, depending on capabilities ● Professional development: opportunity to build cross-functional skills and expertise ● Self-development: tools and support to develop yourself as a whole person and systematically advance your life goals ● Flexibility: a fully remote, results-only work environment

We are looking to hire immediately. If this sounds like the right role for you, please apply!