NorCal House Buyers seeking administrative assistant to handle daily tasks

Jul 05 '20 NorCal 2345 clicks job

I am seeking an administrative assistant to handle many different daily tasks for me.

This will begin as a part time job and move into a full time position as you prove yourself capable to handle these tasks.

MUST have EXCELLENT English/Verbal Skills and MUST work during my hours US CENTRAL STANDARD


*You must be comfortable with data entry and be willing to learn how to use tools like Podio, CallTools, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Google Drive, Call Rail, Mailchimp, Craigslist, Zillow and E-mail. If you do not feel confident about learning new things, please do not apply to this job. Reliable - Need to be able to consistently show up to work Tech savvy - Need to know how to use a smartphone, google chrome, and learn how to use web-based applications (but it's basically point and click) ... Typing skills - Must send a typing skills test from and type at least 45 WMP. Positive Attitude/Teachable - People who will excel in this position are coach-able and open to constructive criticism to get better quickly. *Must respond to job posting with your favorite food *You must work during my work hours.

Perks Low-stress system. Flexible hours (15-40 hours per week)

About Company:

NorCal House Buyers is a real estate investment company. We focus on solving problems for property owners. Besides helping homeowners through unique situations that otherwise would not be possible, we also find distressed properties, allowing us to rejuvenate neighborhoods, making a difference in the community.

Must align with our company core values: Of Honesty & Integrity Outcome & Goal Oriented Teamwork Maintain Accountability Ability to Adapt & Adjust

Please email me and tell me why you are a good candidate subject title MUST include your favorite food.. Also send your previous work history, resume and a copy of your DISC TEST (you can find this

Thank you and good luck,

I am looking forward to a long and successful working relationship with you.