Need some insights about why Facebook keeps suspending my client's account

Mar 03 '20 Bee 961 clicks ask

Need some insights about why Facebook keeps blocking/suspending my client's account. This is the second time that this happened 😭. We have used VPN (paid) bec we thought that was the problem. First time it happened my client submitted everything they need and waited for almost a week.

Anyone here who manages their client's FB? ( Personal not page). Did you ever encounter this problem? If yes, how do we avoid?

We only add 50 friends and comment to 50 profiles daily. Then 1-2 posts/day.

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Adding 50 profiles at comment daily matatag talaga yan as spam. gawa na lang kayo ng page.

Well ayaw ni Facebook na nagpopromote ka ng product or service outsite ng facebook page + ads nila, business model nila yon so mababan ka agad lalo if irereport ka as spam LMAO.

Fb usually tells you whats wrong. Have you not receive any message from their support?

Somebody at the other end reported your FB friend request as a spam.

Spamming yan, huwag mag add ng friends na di kilala or walang mutual friends, mas better pa yung ibang profile ang nagaadd kesa yung ikaw ang magadd ng friends.

Add 50 friends and comment to 50 profiles daily - Facebook labeled it as spam.

Why not switch to business page po?

Really po? She has been actually doing it for 2 months and it only happened nung ako na po gumagawa.

Personal account niya po kasi pinang aadd niya ng possible leads. Different po ung business page dba?

Facebook will ask your added profiles if they know you. If they responded negatively, mas malaki chance na spam ang tingin ng Facebook po.

You can opt to Facebook business page. Actually maraming benefits kung Facebook page. Branding, online reputation, leads, web traffic and such. Lalo na yung Facebook ads for direct or indirect leads.