My client refused my request to be her employee

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Hi, I’m bothered by the fact that I don’t have benefits from my client. I’ve been working for her several months now. I signed a contract that says I won’t have any benefits whatsoever and that I am not an employee rather than a contractor. Of course I’m worried about my future too. I have a family to take care of.

I really want to ask her if I can be an employee and get benefits too.. but I’m afraid to ask because I’m not sure what she’ll do if I do. What if she decides not to continue my contract because I’m asking for more. I can’t risk losing this job.

I asked advise from someone and she said that if I want to ask for benefits or to change the contract, just ask after a year of working with the client but, she said I should not expect for the client to say yes to my request and I should be careful because the client might decide to look for someone else who wouldnt ask for more. I need proper advise, guys. Please and thank you 🙏

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Good for you, my client. I don't even have one 😞

Working as freelancer doesn't really have the security of tenure that working for big companies offer. I also understand how it feels to worry about losing your job/client and I agree that you can always find clients you can offer your services to. Pero we can always mitigate this risk by learning how to manage our finances. Learn where you can grow your hard earned money, where you can, obtain a secondary source of income ( ex. investing in stocks or bonds, or building your emergency fund or obtaining a life insurance for your family's future). Kung minsan naka focus tayo dun sa kung paanu lang tayo kikita pero napapabayaan natin kung paano natin mamaximize ung monthly income natin. If you are unsure where to start, you can always ask google 🙂

That's how it is. But then ofocurse during the interview or before you accept the job you have the option naman to be transparent to your potential client so you have the choice to accept it or not. You already said you signed the contract. Pwede ka naman din magopen after a year or I don't when kapag naka establish ka na ng good working relationship with your client. At the end, ikaw pa rin naman ang may say eh if in the first place tatanggapin mo kung ano ang nasa contract or while onboarding you negotiate with your client.

They have said it all, maidadagdag ko lang is, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, dapat marami kang source of income. If you have a husband or a family member, let them manage a business. para may plan B. Freelancing is a risk din tlg, unlike being in a company or government. But the pay is worth the risk. Fighting!

anyan naman talaga most clients.. especially not under the PH government, you can't consider them as your permanent employer unless they tell you so... it's best to just find a different client that gives you what you need, but then it doesn't mean still na secure talaga, they could also be out of business because of numerous reason... save nalang while kumikita at mag tayo ng business.

Find another client while you are still on that one... when it is on the contract then most probably it is a big risk to ask for more as they are decided on that offer..

It's a lot of complications for her as your client. We freelancers have to make our own initiative to pay our own taxes, insurance, retirement so we can avail benefits. That's actually very attainable with the right financial management.

That's how it is. If you want to become an employee mag apply ka sa local businesses. Or look for a client and negotiate your rates and benefits.

Yes that’s how it is in the freelance world. It’s a business and you have the control of your own rate to cover up the benefits which you would have to pay on your own.

Just make sure that your client is paying more than your basic needs para yung extra mo will be your savings, me and my wife we signed up to sunlife and some of our extra goes to the bank para kahit walang government benefit may savings paren for the futute.

ou just said yourself that you signed a contract that clearly said you won't have benefits and you're a contractor and have been working for 6mos. I don't think you have a right to complain at this point. You can ask your employer but don't expect. You're not entitled to since you've signed the contract already. Next time, please read the terms of the job you're applying for. You can always look for another job if you're so bothered. Quit this one after you land a new job.

Think of it this way: Employment:

  • complete with benefits and all, but fixed income. Promotion may come but if it does, it takes a long time


  • your income is limited to how you handle yourself. You can earn twice, thrice or as many time as you would compared sa employment. Just got to have the combination of (work) skills and (hunting) skills.

You rarely find companies that hire VAs na mah benefits.kung small biz ang boss mo wag ka na maxado magexpect.ganyan talaga ang buhay ng VA/Freelancer.

Welcome to the club!

Always remember that there is not only one client in the whole world.

I have 12 clients on board right now.. I'm not sorry to lose them.. because I know there will still be someone coming. but of course, I am still doing my best for them.. but that's it, just don't expect something from them.. because there are many of them by the book.. it's better not to expect because it's better You'll be surprised.

That’s what online freelancing is about. Friendly advise, you can get another client if kaya pa ng capacity and time then I suggest voluntary pay for all the benefit statutories like sss, philhealth, pag ibig, hmo (prepaid) and as early as now invest sa insurance. Just like you, I’m also an independent contractor and benefits are not really something that our Client will give unlike the usual corporate set up..

Independent contractor ka eh. Kuha ka side gigs para makapag bayad ka ng hmo etc.

Get another client so that you can afford to pay for your own insurance.

Independent contractor tayo. Hindi regular employees. You should've known that prior to swtching to freelancing. You can pay your own sss philhealth. Ask a raise maybe to cover the costs. But really, himala na kapag nagbigay ng benefits si client. As it is already understood sa freelancing industry.

Ganyan nmn talaga work arrangement ng online workers.. if you want, u can ask for additional pay to cover ur insurance.