My client preferred to use PayPal for my salary, how many days does it take to my bank account?

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Hello there,

I'd like to ask, my client preferred to use paypal to send my salary. How many days eto magcredit sa chosen bank ko?

Anybody please enlighten me with the system. BDW, I use BPI as my bank .


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I have paypaya and an atm card sa mo sa paypal. Real time ang money transfer at 50 pesos lang kuha

Sakin kasi depende sa anong araw pinadala ang sweldo ko. If pinadala nya ng weekday then by 6pm satin pwede ko ng transfer or withdraw :)

Paypal- gcash- bdo. Realtime 😉

BPI is quick. Usually I am able to get the money within two days except of course if you transfer on Friday you would usually get it by Monday evening.

In my case, Eastwest and Unionbank 1 to 2 days bago mag reflect. basta 7k up ang transfer mo free of charge sya.

🤔kung 1st timer ka pa lng using paypal to bpi. More than a week na iya process of transactions. Dapat account ka sa Unionbank apply for a eon account kay real time mna xah. Pareho lng tah paypal to bpi mn ko gadirect transfer,maghulat gd ko a week before xah matransfer sa akon bank account.😊👍

GCash real time transfer then transfer mo nlng sa bank mo.

Paymaya is one option din. Link mo Paymaya Card mo sa Paypal mo tas pwede dn mag cash in dun. Real Time din sya pero pag below 10k may P50 na charge

Do you have gcash? Its faster to transfer your balance that way.

What I do is. Receive the salary in paypal. Then cash in to gcash. Then use gcash bank transfer.

@Soma Okay, thanks!

Thank you guys!