Looking for VAs for multiple positions

Aug 19 '20 benedict_lockman 1592 clicks job

We're looking for: Admin VA eCommerce VA General Admin VA (VA that can speak Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Hungarian, Polish) Executive Assistant VA GRAPHIC DESIGN VA Social Media Manager VA Content/Copywriter VA

Technical Requirements: > Computer processor must be at least Intel Core i3 with 3.0 GHz > Computer memory/RAM is at least 4GB (for both primary AND backup computers) > Main AND backup internet speeds must be 5 Mbps or faster

IMPORTANT: Please include the JOB CODE: CPT-1194 when applying for this post.

Please note that it may take 1-2 business days for our Recruitment Team to finish reviewing your CV and application form. If you pass the initial screening, you will receive an update from us via e-mail/skype/SMS.