Looking for a VA to help us manage a video production company's admin tasks

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Virtual Assistant

Hi, We're looking for a detail oriented VA with great English who is coachable and open to being our right-hand person in navigating various admin activities.

Duties: Make online posts to recruit actors for roles. Call selected actors to verify availability (and follow-up to ensure they'll arrive on day of shoot) via phone call (we'll provide a company virtual phone). Help with various related project management duties (i.e. post produced videos on social media) We'll teach you everything along the way. Our processes are easy to pick up. Preferred candidate; native / fluent english virtual assistant with attention to detail. Someone who is looking for long-term work with a fully-remote company. We're not a call center, but we do get on the phone with people involved in our video projects. Hours: Part-time is totally fine, but we would prefer someone with full-time availability. We offer competitive pay and a flexible schedule 🙂