Join ENGOO as I found home in this company

Jun 27 '20 jil 4139 clicks job

Hello teachers! Engoo tutor here 🙋‍♀️

I have also helped a lot of tutors to be part of Engoo. If you’re an aspiring Engoo online tutor, I can help you pass the English video test and the Demo Lesson. You can book a free training and mock demo lesson with me. 💯 PASSED!

WHY ENGOO? a less pressure ESL COMPANY. Not strict in penalties. More students. Lot of Incentives. With or without experience is accepted. Undergraduate or not. YES! You heard it right! Join ENGOO! I found home in this company. ✨

✔️No interview

✔️No resume needed TOEFL/TESOL

✔️No teaching experience needed

✔️Part time or Full time

✔️Payment is credited twice a month (thru BPI), if walang BPI don’t worry they send it through Mlhuillier.

✔️Fixed Incentives

✔️Guaranteed booking rate incentives

✔️No minimum teaching hours (it’s up to you ilang oras ka lang mag open ng slots)

✔️Very Flexible Schedule

✔️Open 24/7

✔️Friendly students and tutor support (not rude)

✔️Real time support

✔️Easy access of materials and lesson room

✔Students from different countries and age groups

✔️ Accepts undergraduates and part-timers

✔️120 per 50min. plus incentives on top

Be an Engoo tutor now! 👩‍🏫