Job opportunity - We are looking for Legal Assistant

Feb 27 '21 walsh_terrell 1819 clicks job
Legal Assistant

Job opportunity - Legal Assistant:

  • Scheduling appointments with existing clients
  • Following up on documents with clients
  • Encoding information received from clients and intake into our system
  • Prepare paystubs analysis
  • Send clients' documents to trustees
  • Send notifications of court hearings to clients
  • File motions, notices, court orders with a court electronically
  • Prepare bills and fee applications, collect outstanding balances
  • Analyze assigned cases and develop a workflow to complete tasks before deadline

Requirements: We are looking for people with great communication and interpersonal skills, who are very analytical and detail oriented. We are looking for responsible and dedicated people who we can rely on, who can work under pressure and deadlines, and who are not scared of challenges. High speed stable internet is required. Minimum 20mbps plan. Degree in Accounting/Business Administration is desired but not required. 3-5 years of relative experience is desired but not required.

Compensation: $360/month to start. $400 + bonuses including $100 bonus for perfect attendance after 3 month (on average).

We are not interested in a short term commitments. We are looking for people who will stay with us long-term so they can grow with us.