It's truly OK to start small, here's the reason why

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Guys. It's OK to start small. $3/hour? Sure, why not? No experience, no skills, and no portfolio to show? $3/hour is quite alright.

Of course, you're not going to stay there for long. As you build your skills, you gain your experience, you build your portfolio, you're not going to be worth $3/hour anymore.

And it's OK to be ambitious. It's how we all got from there to here. The more proactive freelancers understand that they need to pick up new skills to land better projects, and that's alright.

When we say "know your worth"-- that's it right there. You put in the work, you're smart about your growth, but most importantly, you bring REAL value to your team. Hindi yung para masabi lang.

Knowing your worth also means you know anong tamang rate dapat ang para sa job role mo. We all want $20/hour, $30/hour or more, sure. Pero based on your experience and your knowledge of supply-and-demand, alam mo naman na hindi realistic yan. You can work towards it, though, diba? That's what's great about what we do-- we dictate our own career growth.

Let me tell you this though: if you know you bring value, you won't resort to lowballing or lowball offers. Knowing your worth also means you know when to say "no". Market's too saturated? Grow into another market, pick up a new skill. Differentiate yourself and show prospects why they should pick you and not somebody else. Or go pick a niche, dun ka magspecialize.

Again, that's something only experience and expertise can give you. So OK lang yan, guys. Go for the $3/hour jobs. Wake yourself a better freelancer. Learn something new every day. Charge more with your next project. Paunti-unti wag naman garapal. Slow and steady wins the race.

Most important takeaway: ALWAYS bring VALUE and show them your value.

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Kung inaalagaan ka naman ng client mo ng mabuti, pinapasweldo ng maayos, inaappreciate yung mga nagagawa lagi, walang reklamo kahit ilang oras ang binabayaran ni client sayo kasi may tiwala sayo, ok na ok na yun kahit luging lugi ka sa rate mo. Mas malaki pa din kikitain mo sa freelance/homebased kesa sa mga companies dito.

Spot on. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Saken ok lang $3/hr wag lang $1 talaga namang mapapa Wow ka, siguro pwede ang $1 way back 2011 pero ngayon utang na loob.

Before nung newbie ako $1.50 pinatos ko cold calling with appointment setting may comission naman $15 per valid appointment bilang lang sa daliri na set ko appointment but from there ang dami ko natutunan.

I started with commission based salary without hourly pay..I didn't undergo training, they just gave me a script and then took the risk.. you have to believe in your capabilities and start from the bottom and work your way up. After that I was able to land a very good generous client and I am working with them for 3 years now.

I started with $1 per hr. After a week I increased to $2 then gradually increased to $3 and the rest is history. I still don't charge much higher rate kasi simple lang naman work ko.. and well 6 years narin ako sa current client ko. Before this, 5 years naman ako sa isa ko pang long term client. I prefer smaller rate basta consistent na weekly may pumapasok na pera. Siguro kung malaki laki na anak ko, I will get other tasks na mas challenging pero syempre will ask for higher rate. Ang point ko lang is.. to each his own.. depende yan sa preference mo and don't allow other people dictate how you handle your career.

Super duper agreeeeee!!!πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ₯³

Let something new everyday.


Find a niche.

Become an expert.

Charge higher!πŸ‘ˆ

Nako yang 3USD per hr dati napakalaki na nyan...nag umpisa nga ako 1usd per hr eh..

Yung ibang baguhan ngayon sobrang feeling din, kesyo 5usd per hour maliit na...

Yung work online pinaghihirapan din yon, step by step. Wag masyadong choosy :D

True, I started at $3 also was appointment setting and eBay listing. The pay wasn't that much but I learned a lot from my first two jobs online.

Started at $2/hour last 2017. Nakapagpagawa pa kami ng bahay from my earnings that time hehehe. Ngayon super blessed na makapag price ng more than 6 times nung rate na yun. Nasayo naman kasi kung ang goal mo is to gain learnings, kahit walang bayad papatusin mo. Hindi yun magiging turn off kasi pwede mo pasosyalin yung tawag sa job title mo. Itago na natin sa tawag na "intern" or "case study project" hehe

Give me a $3/rate right now, I'll take it! Malaki na yun compare mo sa provincial rate ko na $1.50 per hour....

I think charging low like $3 is fine especially when you're starting out because it gives you validation ay possible pala to earn and work online then as you collect more small wins then it compounds and it gives you motivation to move forward...

Inspiring..u have a point.